The View from the COP

When I told my family in Liverpool that I had been given the chance to attend the COP, they assumed that I was referring to the Kop at Anfield and that I had somehow managed to but tickets to watch my beloved football club. Sadly I haven’t got any football tickets, but when ICP was offered the opportunity to lead a workshop at the COP 28 summit in Dubai, it really was too good a chance to miss.

Our seminar will be under the banner of the UN’s Innovation Hub and will focus upon the ways which school leaders around the world are developing creative solutions to the challenges of the 21 st century, with a particular focus upon issues around climate change. The session will hear from three colleagues in different ICP regions- Leanne Otene from the New Zealand Principals Federation, Welcome Mhlanga from the Eswatini Principals Association and Gabriel Rshaid from The English Speaking Scholastic Association of the River Plate, in Argentina. I will Chairing the workshop and attending in person, whilst Leanne, Welcome and Gabriel will be joining the event remotely. After hearing from our three excellent panellists, we hope to have the chance to take questions and to engage in discussion with some of the delegates attending the COP.

Having spoken to our panellists, our conversation will be a wide ranging, covering everything from the use of Artificial Intelligence to how curriculum can be used to raise awareness of climate change to a range of local initiatives designed to engage and energise students in addressing this crucial topic. We all agreed that it is entirely appropriate that school leaders should link to the UN’s Innovation Hub, since we are so often at the forefront of providing creative and imaginative solutions to a whole range of issues facing us in our 21st Century world. The UN have recognised this and I hope that our appearance at the COP will just be the start of working with them on a range of projects.

If there is a YouTube link to the seminar, we will share it over our social media channels so that members of the ICP family have the opportunity to join remotely and hear our contribution to the COP summit.



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