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What is the International
Confederation of Principals?

The ICP is a global association of school leadership organisations. It has over 40 members, made up of school leadership associations. Each member is itself a major organisation that supports the professional development and work of school leaders.

We have formed a purposeful network which develops and encourages opportunities in an inclusive, affiliated, democratic manner.

The ICP represents over 200,000 school leaders across five continents and, as such, commands a unique global position as a major voice for school education. The ICP is non-political and non-sectarian.

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What’s Happening?

Council 2018-Kingdom of Leaders - Killarney Ireland

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ICP Launches Webinar Series

There will be three webinars in 2018.

Ethical Leadership - Caroline Roberts (ASCL) UK

Leaders Of The Future - Dr. Karen Edge 

Health And Wellbeing - 20th November 2018

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Global Challenge

ICP and Virgin Pulse partner to bring members the Global Challenge 2018. This partnership is about working together to improve educators’ health and well-being.

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Fiona Forbes


Welcome to 2018 

The second half of the year sees the Northern Hemisphere heading into their summer holiday and the Southern Hemisphere into winter. 

ICP are gearing up for their August Council Meeting in Killarney, Ireland with many associations set to attend. The African Confederation of Principals are meeting in Mombassa, Kenya. We look forward to hearing from our African colleagues the outcome of that gathering.

I'm very pleased that, through their leaders, schools have taken up the May Global Challenge through the ICP partnership with Virgin Pulse. The September Challenge is now open...

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