Postcard from Kenya

If I had to use two words to sum up my time as ICP President it would be ‘a privilege’. To have the opportunity to work with and learn from colleagues across the world is a once in a lifetime experience that I will always treasure and value.

This week, as I stood up to speak to delegates who attended the 46th Conference of the Kenyan Secondary School Heads Association, it was unquestionably a privilege to be there. It was incredible to see 7000 colleagues coming together from across the country for the week long event. The conference was a tremendous celebration of secondary education in Kenya. As well as the chance to learn from keynotes on a range of topics relating to curriculum and managing change, my visit also offered me the opportunity to improve my dancing skills on the conference stage before I delivered my keynote. Thankfully, I had a very good teacher in the form of Mr Indimuli Kahi, the Chair of KESSHA and ICP’s Africa Representative, who lead all of the conference delegates and keynote speakers as we danced to his favourite song. Conferences are rather more restrained in the UK, but I definitely prefer the Kenyan approach!

I saw first hand how hard my colleagues from KESSHA worked to make the conference such a success and they should be very proud of hosting such a wonderful event. Once again I was reminded of how much school leaders can gain from the opportunity to learn, share and work together.

My visit was one of the first steps in our preparations for next year’s ICP World Convention in Mombasa. I invited the 7000 delegates to come back and join us in August 2024 and I could already sense the excitement building amongst conference delegates at the opportunity to host ICP’s worldwide celebration of education.

Joining my Kenyan friends and colleagues this week really brought home to me what a wonderful event our World Convention in Mombasa will be next year. I know from first hand experience that KESSHA, the Kenyan government and whole education community are wonderful hosts and visitors from across the world will be made hugely welcome. Please join me in saving the date and putting ICP’s World Convention in Mombasa from 20-23 August  2024 firmly in your diary. I am already looking forward to returning to Kenya and I hope to see you there.



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