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You Don’t Walk Alone

You Don't Walk Alone Alongside my family and love of porridge, the great passion of my life is following Liverpool Football Club. LFC is of course famous for its anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ The problem for many of us in the leadership community is that we often...

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Council Plus October 28-30 October, Singapore

‘Only Connect’ is the advice that E.M. Forster offers at the beginning of his novel ‘Howards End’. For a long time that quotation has seemed to sum up the work of ICP, as we promote connection between school leaders across the world. In the light of this it is...

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August Update: Council Plus

One of the few positive effects of the Pandemic was that it made us all realise how much we valued things that we had previously taken for granted. The poet Edward Thomas wrote that ‘to name a thing beloved we sometimes fail’ and I think that there is great truth in...

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Transformative power of international links

Geoff Barton, General Secretary of Association of School and College Leaders in the UK, describes what he learnt through a long term project which involved linking with schools in Shanghai. Geoff outlines the value of forming links with other cultures and the way in which we can all learn from one another.


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