June Update

One of the UK’s best known newspapers, The Times, has just brought out the report of its Education Commission, a one year study into how to improve and develop the education system. Many of its recommendations echo the priorities identified by leaders worldwide during our recent regional meetings:  qualification reform, raising the status of the profession, improved training, reform of inspection and a focus upon education of the whole person rather than just measurable qualifications.

Whilst the details of implementation may differ, there seems to be a worldwide consensus about the current challenges facing the educational system and the need for fresh thinking. For example, during a recent conversation with European leaders, the idea of sustainable leadership received particular attention- how do we ensure that the job does not become so overwhelming that it becomes unattractive over a period of time?

It is my hope that October’s Council Plus in Singapore with its focus upon ‘Future Leaders: Future Schools’ will make an important contribution to this ongoing debate. By bringing leaders together from across the world to think about the future, we have the chance both to explore the key problems facing school leadership over the coming years and the potential solutions. We hope that our Council we will be able to offer a roadmap for sustainable  leadership that can be used to navigate an exciting, but sometimes uncertain future and which can shape the development of school leadership for many years to come.



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