Equity Statement

The ICP respects and acknowledges the varied challenges faced by each member in our shared journey to ensuring equity of access and opportunity for the learners and the communities in which we lead. Every member of the ICP acknowledges their personal responsibility to shape, lead and advocate for educational equity at all levels in their own cultural, social and economic context.

To achieve this goal, ICP is committed to open dialogue world-wide towards access to equitable, quality education for all. 



Recent Posts

Student Wellbeing and Mental Health

Members of the ICP Student Leaders Forum, composed of student representatives from across the globe, held a facilitated virtual meeting on March 17th 2024 to discuss student wellbeing and mental health. 

The outcomes from this dynamic meeting have been correlated into a position document which we now present to the ICP Executive for their attention and consideration.

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Lessons from John Bruton and the Art of Leading with Grace

As I tuned into the funeral of our former Prime Minister, John Bruton, a poignant scene unfolded before me, capturing the essence of leadership and humanity. The gathering of leaders, once divided by their ideologies and policies, now stood united in their respect and...

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