Council Plus October 28-30 October, Singapore

‘Only Connect’ is the advice that E.M. Forster offers at the beginning of his novel ‘Howards End’. For a long time that quotation has seemed to sum up the work of ICP, as we promote connection between school leaders across the world.

In the light of this it is particular pleasure to announce that we are planning a face to face Council in Singapore from 28-30 October 2022. Whilst we have had some wonderful online Council meetings and webinars over the past two years, I know that the opportunity to re-connect and to catch up with old and new friends is something that all of us have particularly looked forward to. Since this will be our first in person event since Shanghai in 2019, we also want to offer members the opportunity to bring one or two extra delegates to the event, so that a slightly wider group can experience Council and all that if offers.

The theme of the Council will be ‘Future Schools- Future Leaders’. The event will give us an opportunity to consider areas such as the challenges that face us all in the future, how to recruit, retain and motivate leaders and the ever changing role of school Principals. Like all of our Council Meetings, the gathering will be an opportunity to hear some wonderful speakers whilst also finding out more about what ICP has been doing and making decisions about the future direction of the association.

We have already met with our friends in the Singapore Academy of Principals and hugely appreciate their willingness to host us and to work us in organising the details of the event. I would ask all ICP member organisations are asked to make a note of the date. I look forward to seeing  in Singapore!



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