A Message from the 2022 ICP President – Dr Peter Kent

Welcome to our website. In my view the vision behind The International Confederation of Principals is the most powerful and inspirational concept that I have encountered during 25 years of school leadership. We are the only global organisation aiming to bringing together leaders from across the world so that we can offer mutual support, learn from one another and find shared inspiration for the challenges ahead.

Perhaps now more than ever, our work in building a worldwide community of leadership is vitally important. Wherever we find ourselves, the past few years have made huge demands upon our resilience and resourcefulness. As we address the challenges that the future holds, we can gain so much by connecting with others around the world who walk the same road as us.

Please take some time to explore the resources on our website. Look through recent editions of our magazine, sample our blogs and podcasts and take the opportunity to listen to webinars with global thought leaders such as Mary Robinson and Steve Munby.

Above all, I hope this website inspires you to become actively involved in the work of ICP. Please contact me at any point to pass on suggestions, share ideas or to comment on issues in education that are impacting upon you at President@icponline.org. You can also find a link to the Executive members for your region here. Please make contact with them to find details of the next regional meeting in your area.

Thanks once again for taking the time to find out more about The International Confederation of Principals. We look forward to working with you as a valued part of our worldwide leadership community. 



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