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Student Leaders International for ICP Members!

Issue 2 for 2013 of the student ezine and Teacher Module are now available for ICP members.

The International Confederation of Principals is a key supporter of the Student Leaders International student ezine. This resource is free and available for all primary, middle and secondary schools globally.

To have effective and informed community leaders in the future, we have a responsibility to educate our students about leadership now.

These materials are endorsed by two United Nations youth oriented organisations, the International Youth Council (youth assembly of the United Nations) and the Youth and United Nations Global Alliance.

The Student Leaders International ezine is a resource that can be used by teachers to develop the leadership knowledge and skills of students, or as a stand-alone reading and library resource. A free Teacher Module with student activities and professional readings supplements the student ezine.

Please consider making these resources available to teachers and students in your school.

Both resources can be downloaded from the Leaders in School website at

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