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Update from the President : October 2017


I hope that not too many of us are in the post convention implementation dip after such a successful event. My sincere thanks go again to the organising committee led by Alta van Heerden.  Since returning to Australia and attending several events the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive even from people who did not attend. This bodes well for Shanghai in 2019 but we must keep the momentum. We can also hope that many more will attend the Council meeting in Ireland in 2018.

We will be sending a post conference newsletter out in November and as previously discussed we will do this in two formats our new Schoolzine format and our old Smore format. The purpose is to ascertain which format delivers the best uptake from our members.

On Tuesday 17th May I met with Damien Farrell from NESLI to further progress our leadership course partnership. Dame Pat Collarbone a friend of ICP joined us, and we mapped out some first steps. This will take the form of some initial research that will form a white paper to scope the program and where it fits into the current leadership development landscape. It is intended that this executive level leadership offering will be evidenced based from this research. It is intended that the white paper will be completed by December.

Phil Riley and I met with Kendra from Virgin Pulse also on 17th. They have had several enquiries via the Virgin Pulse website about the Global Challenge. 

Our first communication with members about the Global Challenge will be in the November newsletter, this will allow members to register their interest. Members will be able to register from February onwards. My recommendation to the executive is to seek commercial legal representation for this partnership and the NESLI partnership as they both have the potential to significantly increase ICPs venue base over the next three years.

Also discussed was data sharing for the principal health and wellbeing survey. This will be an arrangement separate from ICP but using our members between Virgin Pulse and the Australian Catholic University. There will be appropriate protocols for our members to opt in or out.

On Wednesday 11th October at the invitation of Microsoft I participated in a conversation with reps from McKinsey New York. Microsoft and McKinsey are embarking on a joint research paper - new perspectives on the future of education.

Our partnerships although in their infancy are beginning to flourish. 

Our thoughts go to our colleagues in Ireland after the devastation of the recent storms that have taken and disrupted lives.

Take care out there everyone.


Fiona Forbes, President


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