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Council Meeting Poitiers France 2014: 


The Welcome Ceremony for ICP Councillors set the focus for Council and reminded members as to why they are part of ICP.

Each member of the welcoming party spoke about the need for effective training for school leaders and how  leadership is critical when addressing our shared concern of ensuring that every child from across the globe has access to a high quality education that will equip them for this world. 

All speakers stressed the importance of: sharing, collaborating, and examining each other's practice as it is this looking out and reflecting on the new knowledge and practice that leads to improvement.

The role of the principal is pivotal to success. Governments, ministeries, employing agencies and local boards can set policies but it is at the level of the individual school where there is an understanding of local dynamics that policy becomes practices. changes are implemented and improvement occurs. It is the Principal and the actions of that school leader that determines the success of all initiatives.

Council Welcome Ceremony.


Pisa 2012: What makes schools and school systems successful?

Equity and quality in education: supporting disadvantaged students and schools

ICP Executive asked Member Organisation or regional representatives to make a presentation about school leadership in their respective country. Each presentation provided a different perspective of the challenges, opportunities and the impact of context.

ASCL ( United Kingdom) and the presenter's bio.

SAPA ( South Africa) and the presenter's bio

OPC (Toronto) and the presenter's bio

The President of OPC spoke to a number of links and we encourage you to visit the listed sites.

PAI ( Australia) and the presenter's bio

The Host members are encouraged to provide an insight for members into education, educational leadership and the current political, social and economic context.


Council Business

Council minutes

AGM minutes

Member feedback - available following ICP Executive Meeting on 2 October

Business Arising - draft protocols for Council guests or observers

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