Council Meeting 2020

Program of the ICP 2020

Council Meetings

7:00am (4:00pm AEST) 8:00am (5:00pm AEST) 60mins Online Meet & Greet

8:00am (5:00pm AEST) 8:30am (5:30pm AEST) 30mins Annual General Meeting ICP Executive

8:30am (5:30pm AEST) 8:35am (5:35pm AEST) 5mins Presidents Welcome Alta Van Heerden (South Africa)

8:35am (5:30pm AEST) 8:40am (5:40pm AEST) 5mins 2021 ICP Convention Nancy Brady (Canada)

8:40am (5:40pm AEST) 9:40am (6:40pm AEST) 60mins Imperfect Leadership in times of Crisis and Uncertainty Dr Steve Munby (United Kingdom) Facilitator: Peter Kent

9:40am (6:40pm AEST) 10:10am (7:10pm AEST) 20mins Supporting Each other During a Crisis Virgin Pulse

10:10am (7:10pm AEST) 10:57am (7:57pm AEST) 48mins Equity Challenges for School Leaders: During and Post COVID Provocation Anna Pons (France) Facilitator: Alta Van Heerden

10:57am (8:00pm AEST) 11:20am (8:20pm AEST) 22mins Member Snapshot: Adaptive Leadership and the impact of COVID-19 in Education Silvia Scuracchio (Brazil) Facilitator: Sheree Vertigan
11:20am (8:20pm AEST) 12:05pm (9:05pm AEST) 45mins Social Isolation, Relationships and the Power of Play Prof Pasi Sahlberg (Australia) Facilitator: Thembi

12:05pm (9:05pm AEST) 12:35pm (9:35pm AEST) Close to 30 Mins Meet with your peers

12:35pm (9:35pm AEST) 12:50pm (9:50pm AEST) 19mins Member Snapshot Emosi Kuli Kalouwarai (Fiji) Facilitator: Michael Hall

12:50pm (9:50pm AEST) 1:20pm (10:20pm AEST) 20mins Synthesis Dr Steve Munby (United Kingdom) Alta Van Heerden (South Africa)

1:20pm (10:20pm AEST) 2:00pm (11:00pm AEST) Until the top of the hour Post Event Networking

2:00pm (11:00pm AEST) – Close of 2020 ICP Council Meeting

What We Do

Conventions & Council Meetings

September 2023 Emerging Leaders Forum and Council+ meeting

September 2023 Emerging Leaders Forum and Council+ meeting

EVENT REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN Dates:Sept 20-21 - 2023 Emerging Leaders ForumSept 22-24 - 2023 Council+ in Finnish Lapland VenueSanta's Hotel Rovaniemi ProgrammeInteractive workshops, international discussions, relevant and applicable research, transferable...

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Council Plus October 28-30 October, Singapore

‘Only Connect’ is the advice that E.M. Forster offers at the beginning of his novel ‘Howards End’. For a long time that quotation has seemed to sum up the work of ICP, as we promote connection between school leaders across the world. In the light of this it is...

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August Update: Council Plus

One of the few positive effects of the Pandemic was that it made us all realise how much we valued things that we had previously taken for granted. The poet Edward Thomas wrote that ‘to name a thing beloved we sometimes fail’ and I think that there is great truth in...

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