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THE ICP is a global association of school leadership organisations. It has over 40 members, made up of school leadership associations. Each member is itself a major organisation that supports the professional development and work of school leaders.

The ICP represents over 135,000 school leaders across five continents and, as such, commands a unique global position as a major voice for school education. The ICP is non-political and non-sectarian.

The ICP Constitution has the following major goals and actively seeks additional members who share the same commitment to school education, and support of those who lead it. The ICP seeks to:
1. encourage closer relationships between school leaders of all nations;
2. promote and enhance the image and professionalism of school leaders;
3. promote the exchange of people and professional publications among the constituent groups and encourage participation in meetings and conferences across national boundaries;
4. foster school curricula that encourages international understanding and goodwill, and a respect for the human rights and dignity across all races and cultures;
5. promote the right and responsibilities of school leaders, and also their professional organisations, and the material and ethical interests of the education profession;
6. promote and encourage equal opportunities for all young persons to learn and develop to their fullest potential in achieving a respectable and productive quality of life; and,
7. develop a program of activities consistent with the purposes of the organisation.

Potential members are encouraged to explore the ICP website for additional information and copies of ICP materials.

Membership is open to any organisation of school leaders whose constitution contains nothing contrary to the constitution of the ICP.

There are three categories of membership.
1. Full Membership, open to school leadership organisations, as described above, and in the constitution
2. Associate Membership, as described in the Bylaws (see below)
3. Individual Membership, as described in the Bylaws (see below)

Information (to be supplied by all applicants):

  • Name of Organisation:
  • Address:
  • Postal Code:
  • Country:
  • Telephone Number:
  • Fax Number:
  • Email Address:
  • Website URL:
  • Officer(s):
  • Contact Person:
  • Contact Address (if different from above):
  • Membership Sought (Full, Associate or Individual):
  • For Full Members or Associate Members of organisations with a defined membership only, please indicate number of members who are:
    • Secondary:
    • Primary:
    • Retirees:
    • Vice/Deputies/Assistant:
    • Other (please specify):
    • Total number of full members:
  • Signature from an authorised office bearer of applying organisation:
  • Date:
  • Please print name of signature:
  • Office held in organisation:

Submission of this application officially conveys an organisation’s or individual’s desire to become a member of the International Confederation of Principals (ICP) through active participation on the ICP Council.


  • For Full Membership, an additional letter of support by an existing member of the ICP must be provided with this application, as well as a copy of the Constitution or statement of purpose of the organisation.
  • For Associate membership, a constitution or a statement of purpose or organisational goals must be provided for bone fides purposes.
  • For Individual membership, an accompanying letter of recommendation from a recognised education authority and a personal letter or endorsement must also be provided.

A Joining Fee of $AUD200 will be required in the first year of membership.

The applicant organisation agrees to pay their Annual Subscriptions as they fall due each year and to fulfil the requirements and purposes of the ICP through active membership.

  • Signed:
  • Please print name:
  • Position in Organisation:
  • Date:
  • Please return the completed application form and letters to:
    Mrs Sharee Vertigan, ICP Executive Secretary, Australia. 

Fee Schedule:

Membership Annual Subscriptions
For all Full and Associate Membership applications, a $AUD200 non-refundable application/joining fee will be required.

The scale of fees for Full Membership, Associate Membership, and Individual Membership can be obtained by contacting the ICP Executive Secretary.

All membership annual subscriptions are set by decisions of the ICP Council and will change over time.

Conditions of Membership

1. Associate Membership - enables a range of organisations whose main purpose is to support the work of school leader organisations in a local or national context to become members of the ICP. Examples may include school leadership centres, various coalitions of school leadership bodies of a private or public nature, departments of tertiary institutions or education centres. The defining characteristic of an organisation as a potential ‘Associate Member’ is that their stated purpose is directed specifically to supporting the professional work of school leaders. It is this characteristic that will be considered by the ICP in their decision of accepting an application.

2. Individual Membership - introduces a category for persons who are practicing school leaders in their country. The defining issue for consideration of this membership will be that there is no alternative access to any other association of school leaders or professional support available for that individual in their own country.

Conditions of Membership
Associate and individual members, if approved, will have the following conditions apply under the ICP Constitution:

  • to send a non-voting delegate of the member organization (or to attend if an individual) to meetings of the ICP Council;
  • to participate in ICP activities and committees/work groups which may arise;
  • to be included in a separate list of members on the ICP website, ‘ICP Online;
  • to have access to the ‘members only section’ of the ICP website’;
  • to submit agenda items to Council meetings for possible inclusion into Council business;
  • to use the name of the ICP, its materials, papers and policy statements within the work of their organisation, or as an individual, but with due acknowledgement of their source;
  • to be ineligible to hold any office in the ICP organisation;
  • to have no access to ICP scholarships; and,
  • to be ineligible to count towards a quorum at any ICP event requiring same.

Associate and Individual Members’ Responsibilities:

1. To pay application fee and annual subscriptions set by the Executive Committee.
2. To be subject to the constitution, policies and decisions of the ICP.
3. To acknowledge and support the work of the ICP.
4. To do nothing to bring the name or the work of the ICP into disrepute.
5. To make an appropriate contribution to the work of the ICP.

Membership Approval

Applicants will have to submit a membership application documents to the Executive Secretary, as described above, in which the bona fides and good standing of the organization/individual will be considered. Referee statements and validated ‘statements of purpose’ will be required.

Role of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will perform due diligence on the bona fides of the membership applicant. Associate and individual members will be subject to decisions of the Executive Committee or Council in relation to any issues of management or operational matters due to increased membership. The rights and privileges of ICP Full Members will be pre-eminent in all matters that may arise.

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